Friday, August 1, 2008

lady problems: getting my hair did

Fuck, why can't I get my hairs to look like this lady's?

That was the Duke Spirit video for "Souvenir" and singer Leila Moss's hawt hair.
And I guess the answer to my previous question is that I have no patience for growing my shit out and going blonde is the only possible life decision I could make that would cause my parents to disown me. Born a ginger, it's gingervitis for life.

And who hasn't envied Karen O's fierce bob?
you have to click if you want to see it.
On a side note, what is the point of disabling embedding on youtube when I can still make a link?

Sigh. Whatever. I have to go iron my head.


stevens seagalll said...

youre hairs iss preety enough, butt why wood you iron it/

'stina said...

It's because her hair is bleached to hell and has no elasticity left. Also, it is probably straight.

I wanted to wait a while to break this to you, but you might actually be dissatisfied with your flat iron. I know you usin' that cheap ass revlon shit (good news is, they don't test on manimals) and you aren't going to get the results you want unless you are blow drying with a ceramic round brush and using a good flat iron like a hot tools one, a chi or t3. Srsly, the ceramic round brush makes all the difference in the world. I mean, just look at my mane. I dye the fuck out of it and it's lustrous and straight. So, pull a Scully and start to believe. They're pretty inexpensive, I'll get you one and you'll thank me later. PROAMISES!

megan elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure that my hairs just look stupid right now and that's something that no ceramic round brush in the world can fix, although I appreciate the offer, but I got a date with a lady who knows how to wield them scissors and she should fix me up good.

oh, and since when does Scully believe?

'stina said...

I don't know, I just assumed bitch finally started believing.