Thursday, August 21, 2008

Adam saw the garden and jumped the fence

I'm going to be honest right now. I've thought about trying to recruit more writers. Yesterevening we were driving to Balboa park to rehearse for OUR PIECE IN THE BALBOA CELEBRATES DANCE FESTIVAL (free, saturday the 23rd, 5 p.m. Casa del Prado Theatre) and The Unicorns' "Les Os" came on my demonPod's shuffle. I mean, that's not anything too special because so did "Satan My Master" by Dimmu Borgir as well as The Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice." My 'pod has a fucked-up sense of humor. All of that aside, I was like "dude, I like The Unicorns. I feel like I don't really get to just sit down and listen to music I already love a lot much anymore," (except for the part of the day that I listen to Sunset Rubdown's "You Go On Ahead" three times before work) because I am so busy trying to keep up with who is putting out what album when and what color vinyl how many copies will be pressed in and how many of the special edition art pieces were printed with the blood of virgins and blah blah blah. If any of you feel like you are up to the challenge of engaging maximum snark on a regular basis, hit me up at I'll probably ignore it for a few days because I am kind of shitty at responding to anything but you'll have to get used to it. Working for us would basically be like working for Jeff Lewis, you know, the crazy dude on that Bravo show "Flipping Out." Check out what a day at the Pony Girl headquarters would be like:

Of course, when I say "headquarters" I mean in my office nestled somewhere between the mountain of sheet music and all 900 of my nail polishes. 15 percent punch, damn you!

One of the reasons I have thought about trying to snare some new writers is that I forget about everything. I can't even remember to shower (probably because I don't want to). I don't have an iPhone to remind me to get an oil change, pick up the new _____ album and tear it apart and take a shit, you guys. 31 Knots put out a new album 2 days ago and I didn't remember until today when I had a client whose parents were vaudeville performers. She was also telling me about her 2 face lifts and mentioned she'd get another if she wasn't going to die in ten years. I think she is secretly a 374-year-old mythical creature who was trying to suck my soul into her amulet to stay young. That's my kind of lady. I am not supposed to spend excessive amounts of time chattering with clients but I can't pass up a good story about the days of vaudeville running rampant. Which in turn, reminded me of my favorite self-proclaimed "vaudeville punk" band, 31 Knots and their new album "Worried Well." What is making me extra consternated is that according to the internet, both the band and the label are acting like it didn't come out. Whats going on guys? Is this some sort of sheisty prank? Dickfork hasn't mentioned it, Polyvinyl has it listed in their new releases but are too busy touching butts with Of Montreal to put it in the featured news. I am about to go procure this piece of gold myself and if you have managed to read the blog for longer than an hour you have probably seen me mention 31 Knots before, and thusly should be convinced to go buy it yourself. If not, that's cool...I guess. Here are a few live videos I found from the show we went to. They are unwatchable [Ed: because of the lack of light] but the sound is okay. When I say the sound is okay I mean in the video, not at the Che. Oooooh burn! No shitstorm of comments about how many PA's y'all have gone through and part of the venue's charm is it's level of shitty ghetto intimacy plz.

"Man Becomes Me:"

My personal fav, "Hit List Shakes:"

aaaaaand "Sanctify:"

From some other show I wasn't at, "Savage Boutique:"




Dr. Bubastis said...

As far as shitty ass sound goes I think the Epicentre still gets my vote. I don't care if they remodeled it and even put a little barricade in front of the stage so whenever Bane or Terror plays the camo shorts crowd can totally jump up on it and bring the mosh from above...the sound still fucking sucks. Some friend of mine totally dragged me there once to see Architecture in fucking Helsinki and it was easily the worst experience of my life. Something about an army of 13 year old scenesters mixed with an army of twee as fuck Australian pricks and more fucking steel drum than a man should ever have to endure. If I want to hear steel drums i'll watch a Red Stripe commercial or something. My friend said it was the sound that ruined the set, but i'm pretty sure it was the fact that the band sounded like they were playing the Little Mermaid soundtrack from beginning to end, except it managed to be even gayer somehow. Then the last straw came when they fucking dissed the Casbah, and all their 11 year old fans cheered and shouted how much they hate the Casbah too, most likely because they CAN'T EVEN GET IN. Also maybe the stage wouldn't seem so small if you didn't have like 10 people in your band. Only badass Canadian bands can pull that off, not you douches. So yeah, I think the Epicentre has the worst sound out of any SD venue. Xanth sucked too but the only time I ever went to Xanth was at like 1pm on a Tuesday to see like fucking Bleeding Through when I was in 11th grade. I liked the scene but now it's gone. When it left they said they were going to reopen somewhere else but they never did, what the fuck was that about? Oh and i've never been to the house of blues before, mainly becaue I don't listen to Circa Survive or Bright Eyes, but i'm going there for the first time tomorrow night. How's the sound?

Oh and I love Flipping Out. RANT OFF.

megan elizabeth said...

Holy crapballs, methinks the good doctor is pushing for a ponygirl staff position!

Also, don't bite me Stina.

'stina said...

@ dr. bubastis

I think I might love you. Are you by any chance a hot dude?

Also, I went to the House of Blues once to see Goon Moon but they played that secret room side stage shit. They fucked with ticket prices so much that I am never going back, basically. It doesn't help that they are owned by Live Nation which is Clear Channel. In order to get me to go back to the House of Blues, Fifths of Seven would have to be opening for Wolf Parade who would naturally be opening for Sunset Rubdown who would be opening for Jesus Fucking Christ. The messiah, not the band. I'm sure there's a shitty punk band called Jesus Fucking Christ. If there's not, I'm starting one tomorrow.

'stina said...

Are you bite me Megan?

dr. bubastis said...

I'll let you ladies in on a little secret:

I'm actually Spencer Krug

megan elizabeth said...

with all due respect doc, I will believe that when monkeys fly out of my butt.

while I am tempted to stalk you to the house of blues and make you show yourself, unfortunately the ponygirl piggy bank is empty and we have a lot of work to do around the office tonight. but I am totally cereal about your future as a ponygirl contributor. Just shoot us an email and I'll set you up.