Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No one on the corner has swagger like us

I was going to put notes in Megan's post about last night's Dirty Monday but I realized people might not read them if they had already read her post and that would defeat the entire purpose of this blog. I blog to be validated. And pick up dudes. Whatever.

1. If we got up on your business, it was on purpose. Except for that one incident where a drunk chick slapped my ass and I made the mistake of telling the Slurricaine Megan so she slapped the drunk chick's ass in return. Gettin' down is a serious hobby for us, we have no shame and love making people uncomfortable! I also brought some friends from work that are not dirty hipsters and they had a fantastic time, so seriously consider going next Monday.

2. Mind-blowing DJ set. I'd like to see you top yourself next week, Vega. Yeah, that's an official challenge. While I'm on it, I have a request. Kudu- Hot Lava. Kthx.

3. Santogold doesn't sound like MIA, she hangs out with her. I mean I guess Santogold sounds like MIA in the sense that they are both chicks or some shit but honestly, the first time I heard Santogold I thought it was Teagan and Sara and I was like "goddammit those lesbians are at it again?" I hope they are releasing a new album soon and it's called "Songs to Lick Taco to." I'm just kidding, I know they're identical twins. Don't leave me a shitstorm of comments about how I'm going to hell for calling them lesbians.

4. Don't put a half-eaten burrito in your purse. It doesn't matter how well you thought you wrapped it.

5. Ghostland Observatory-

6. Puh-leeeeease go vote for Gabe Vega in the San Diego Music Awards. Also, vote for Get Back Loretta and the Emery Byrd.

We should be getting paid for this shit, we're basically jerking everyone involved in this event off on the internet. I guess they're lucky we think it's fun.

If you aren't doing anything tonight and like winning money and stuff, hit the Penny Lane karaoke contest. I'm judging and will yet again, be in rare form.

nothing snappy today,



megan elizabeth said...

1. I'm here to dance not to play grabass. I wish dudes would respect that.

2. RE:Santogold In some songs, not that one in particular, but in others, she does. GAWSH.

3. I also have a request. the B-52's "dance this mess around".

4. I wrecked my shoes.

'stina said...

1. chicks

2. at least you didn't say she sounded like Henry Rollins

3. naw dude, you were wrecked. Not your shoes.

Grenva said...

1. video coverage

2. as soon as gabe gets me the song, i'll be editting the new video.

3. you girls will be dancing in it!

ps. i'm excited! i've already watched the footage.

megan elizabeth said...

@ Grenva

so stoked! can't wait to see it!!

@ 'stina

Fucking Henry Rollins. Who does that old windbag think he is?

pony said...
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