Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girl vs. rock

You guys need to calm the fuck down. Sometimes we do stuff besides blog and you need to be okay with that.

We shot the anniversary video and it will be up tomorrow, at the latest. You're in for a bunch of wacky surprises. We have also been rehearsing for the Balboa Celebration of Dance festival. We're performing, as you may have guessed. It is kind of a big deal and last year the funding got cut so shit didn't happen. If you are in or around Balboa, come watch us dance like assholes and support your local artistic community! Or at least stalk your favorite local bloggers! Our piece is in the Casa del Prado theatre on Saturday the 23rd and starts at 5 p.m.

I would also like to make a shout out to my girl Jenny K, she has been having a pretty rough week up in the PDX. Turns out, when you try to take on the rapids for mano-el-mano combat you're probably not gonna win. Get better soon, bb! This is a video of Ryan Adams doing "Come Pick Me Up" on Letterman. This song reminds me of 2 buck chuck and a lot of yelling.


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