Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dolla dolla bill, y'all

I heard that the Lou's Records' $1 sale kicks off tomorrow at 10 a.m. OH FUCK. Megan and I will be there after we get out of dance class. Of course that doesn't mean talk to us, it means go buy some shit and stop bit torrenting like a little bitch.

I didn't find anything last year (I think Jenny found some poster she was going to get for someone else, but didn't...I don't even remember what band it was) but I can't even begin to express the pleasure I get from snarling at someone and snatching the Cranberries CD they were about to rifle past. I don't even want a Cranberries CD. I just like the passive-aggressive confrontations I get into with people over used CDs. I guess that's my way of being intimate with people. I don't get out much. Actually, the only reason I go is in ludicrous hopes that I can build my stupid-ass Jawbreaker collection. Shit ain't gonna happen. Who would get rid of Jawbreaker albums? No one.

Take a wild guess:



Dr. Bubastis said...

I made an appearance at the dollar sale today. I didn't buy anything. There was a copy of that M83 cd with a long fucking name but I already have that.

But if you're in the market for anything featuring Will Smith (Big Willie Style, Willenium, Wild Wild West soundtrack), that's definitely the place to go.

'stina said...

Oh fuck, the Wild Wild West soundtrack. Actually, I would prefer the Space Jam soundtrack. Or that one with the R. Kelly song where he was lost in a corn field or some shit.