Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ya Snela Ayhle!

So I am pretty seriously disappointed in this season's reality TV characters. Daniel Feld on Project Runway is kind of hot, but there is definitely no Daniel Vosovic/Jeffrey Sebelia/Christian Siriano. Bish, pls. I am also not seriously invested in So You Think You Can Dance this season.

This was one of my favorite pieces from last season, Lacey and Pasha's hip-hop thingy choreographed by Dave Scott to the Junior Boys' "In the Morning" (also the song that I used in my audition for SMC. HOORAY DROPPING OUT LOTS OF COLLEGES!)

Back to Project Runway, Christian was kind of my fav. because everything he makes is fierce and kind of Victorian. EVERY DAY IS VICTORIAN DAY, BITCH! If I was a designer, I would have Trentemøller make my runway song. Actually, I would probably pull a Santino and make my own song. But either way, this is a video technically by Royksopp called "What Else Is There?" but the vocals are by that Swedish slut from The Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson. The fnasken in the video is not Karin, though, it is some Norwegian cum dumpster named Marianne Schroder. And the version of the song in the video is the remix by Trentemøller. Sooooo, yeah...

Satan be with you,



megan elizabeth said...

Can I just say how much I hate Suede? Because it is a lot.

If megan elizabeth has to listen to Suede talk about himself in the third person any more after this week, megan elizabeth is going to kill her television. Or come after him and the Leatherfaces Blane and Stella. Whatever's easier.

'stina said...


Your Maugham said...

Come on, Blayne is ridiculous awesome. "HOLLA ATCHA BOY, TIM" I just hope he doesn't get auffed for making such god-awful clothes. Clothes even that Barbie whose hair I cut off wouldn't wear.

One night Suede is going to wake up to Blayne writing "girlicious" all over his face in self-tanner. I hope so.