Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who goes pinkie first?

I am too tired to write a blog that is anything but a serious bitchfest about my personal life turning into bullshit and the Mozy Cafe running out of beans for my burrito after serving 16 people before me that ordered after me. You guys seriously fucked up and now I am going to cry about it on the internet. Take that, fucking assholes. At least Rico's always does good by me. You people (Canadians) that are not in San Diego just don't understand the importance of burritos. Everywhere else you guys are all like "omigawd yeah I love burritos! Let's totally go to Baja Fresh/Chipotle/La Salsa today! Cool!" SUCK IT.

Anyways, if you are still living in 1998 and think punk is cool, check out Gurtrudestein. They are playing a show tonight, here is the info:

I have to go summon Satan to help me pick out an outfit now.



megan elizabeth said...

Mexican food sucks so bad in San Francisco duder. Can you even imagine how shitty Mexican food is in Canada?

'stina said...

Stevens Seagall pointed out to me last night that Canada does not, in fact, have a government. So I'm absolutely positive their mexican food sucks. On top of that, they're a godless, shoeless people. Fuck.