Monday, August 4, 2008


I spent way too much time looking at lolcats this morning so this might be a mess 'cause I gotta go to work in an hour and I still have to brush my disgusting mane and get my makeup on, you know, gotta paint the barn.

We saw Thao with The Get Down Stay Down last night at Chateau Casbah and her set was really fun and stuff, but we are going to vlog about the show and I don't want to give it all away now (that's what she said). We had a quickie (interview) with Justin Ringle from one of the opening bands, Horse Feathers and he offered to let us shoot him an e-mail with more questions. So, gentle readers, what do you want to know about the dude whose voice sounds like a thousand tiny angel kisses? Don't let these ponies resort to familiar tricks like "who's your favorite Bronte sister? SAY EMILY!"

not naming names on that last one or anything,



megan elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure that given the context asking about the Bronte sisters was more than legit.

I just want to know what song is his karaoke jam.

megan elizabeth said...

ps scope this sesh

stevens seagalll said...

ask um' how comes thay gots that sille namme. horsees dont hav feeathers.

'stina said...


god, that Sean dude at daytrotter drives me nuts sometimes. I don't feel like reading his ludicrous shit today.

@stevens seagalll

According to Ringle, it is an idiom for foolishness, malarky his grandfather used. I think he knows horses don't have FETHERS. I think that's the point. By the way, I freaking love "Under Seige."

stevens seagalll said...

malarky??? isn't dat some kinda birrd?

""you got shit for brians privatte!""

Adam said...

My grandma uses the term horse feathers... well, she used to, when I was younger. Now she just says bullshit instead.

When I think of horse feathers I think of the Marx brothers.

P.S. I'm kinda jealous ya'll got to see Thao.

megan elizabeth said...

@ Adam

You should be jealous because Thao was awesome. She said something about having been in LA the night before, so it sounds to me like you just dropped the ball.

Adam said...

Some of us less fortunate, non-Pony Girl Club members, can't afford to go out to shows every weekend, thus we live vicariously through the Pony Girl Club.

'stina said...

Shit son, the members can't afford to go every weekend either. It's called clever budgeting. When I say clever budgeting I mean I can't spend any money for the next week and a half.