Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You put your ribbons in my hair

My theory teacher is a total nerd (the arrangements for the Star Wars cantina song are on the cover of his syllabus) and I am so into that it's not even funny. I spent so many years fucking up and partying and shit that I take school really seriously and just want to learn really hard. So, if I see you send an instant message to someone else in the class reading "do u think he keeps tlaking to waste tiem?" when homeboy is talking about the differences between Eastern and Western tuning and time signatures, I'm gonna give you the death glare. Bish, plz. That's just rude.

We have a lot of exciting stuff going on around here, you may have noticed that you can now subscribe to the blog! I am in the process of setting up a calendar widget so we can list shows in the greater San Diego area and whatnot soon also. If you have shows coming up you'd like us to list, shoot us an e-mail at I also heard something about having a new staff writer. We'll make a big fuss out of it later once we know what is going on and once we haze him and stuff. Lastly, we are trying to flesh out this Race for The Cure nonsense, we'd love to have y'all in attendance and in the video! Let us know if you want to be a part of this tremendous opportunity to raise money to send Fat Bob to fat camp.

I have been uncharacteristically quiet about Spencer Krug lately, I feel like most of the time Megan reeks of fangirl enough for the both of us but "At Mount Zoomer" found it's way back into the CD player in my car and I have been seriously jamming on "An Animal In Your Care." This video does not show a lot of the Krug, but the audio is the best in this one out of the three available. Especially around 2:25. Please note the two biggest "awww" factors; one is when he puts his head down and plays both keyboards at once, two is his wiggly voice. AWWW.

I need to go wash the creepy off now,


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