Thursday, August 14, 2008

living in a tree

For reasons that are hard to explain, I have a serious boner for music that's recorded live or otherwise shittily. When I hear something and it hits the little "over-produced" mark in my head it's dead to me. I don't know what exactly sets me off, but I'm not talking about artists who use their studio time to polish their sound in an idiosyncratic way. I have no problem with things being mixed well, but I feel like a lot of people do too much. But what do I know? I like it when I'm listening to music and I hear somebody cough or mutter or a door slam or somebody fucks up. Y'all know I love shit like the daytrotter sessions and black cab sessions. Arcade Fire playing in an elevator? Fuck yeah!

I want to be the guy who tears up the magazine. If anyone needs a guy like that in their band, just shoot me an email.

Anyway, that video comes from a place called La Blogotheque. Their website is in a bunch of damn French but it's not hard to figure out where the videos are and several stories specify that they are en anglais. One of their latest featured "Concerts a Emporter" (take-out shows) is a pretty lady with a really pretty voice named Priscilla Ahn.

I fully support doing your job in your pjs.

Watching her, I wish that this was a teaser for some musical shot in black and white about either a city girl fleeing to the country to find her self or about a country girl running away to the city to realize her big dreams. Or maybe some combination, like country girl goes to the city, hates it and goes back home, like a modern Wizard of Oz story. Or her and Zoey Deschanel could play sisters who roam the countryside and sing for a living. I would pay the full price of admission to see any of those hypothetical movies. Film makers, get on it.

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