Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peter Gabriel never feels unnatural

Spencer Krug is known as the king of lyrical mystique (at least to us...) but you don't have to write about minotaurs shaking their horns at you or riding around on a leopard to befuddle me, apparently.

The original LOLKrug:

Yeah, he does. No, I can't. Homeboy evades questions regarding the meaning of his lyrics like nobody's business.

Back to what I was really supposed to talk about, Vampire Weekend has a new video out for "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" and I went to look up the lyrics to make a snarky joke in the title and found myself more befuddled than ever. The lyrics have given me a headache worse than that time I tried to translate Devendra Banhart's "Carmensita" lyrics (I kept telling myself Venezuelan gypsy Spanish is different than SoCal white bitch Spanish), mostly because shit don't make sense. Devendra can wail about shaving his rebellious beard with a sword and three-eyed extra terrestrials all he wants because that's what I expect from his crazy-ass.

Here is an excerpt of the "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" lyrics, the ones that drive me nuts:

Is your bed made?
Is your sweater on?
Do you want to fuck?
Like you know I do
Like you know I do

This feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel too
Feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel

Can you stay up to see the dawn?
In the colors of Benetton

First of all, who fucks with a sweater on? Where are these dudes from again? They met at Columbia University, yeah? Oh yeah, that's right, the boat shoe band. That explains a little bit, like the luxury brand name dropping that takes place in the first line of the song and again with the Benetton. God I am sick of seersucker. I really like their music but I am pretty mad about their lyrics sucking. I guess not everyone can be Spencer Krug. The other thing I am pissed about is the video sucking. It's directed by the same dude that did the "Oxford Comma" video, Richard Ayoade. The only video I like is "A-Punk" and I don't know if he did that one. I don't really know if I like him as a director. I know he's a big fancy-ass English comedian but I don't like his frames. I have a right not to, Okay?! The concept for the "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" video is stupid, goth girl catches the singer with some slut in a Laura Ashley dress and takes him out in the woods and zaps his soul and POOF! Vampire weekend turns into The Cure. I know it's supposed to be a joke but literally, THE ONLY redeeming thing about this video is how hot these dudes are when they're goth. I'm also protesting Richard Ayoade directing any more Vampire Weekend videos because he doesn't give the keyboard player enough screen time. He's the hottest dude in this piece and we never see him. I vote they hire Hype Williams and get that sexy piece of man meat keyboardist in one of those "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" red shiny sweatsuits ASAP.

Anyways, the video:

I have to go figure out how to break into a Country Club now so Megan and I can rehearse the Krug ballet. If I don't post for a couple of days it's probably because I got arrested.

dangerous on trizack, leave your ass blizzack,



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Yeah, that video isn't great. I kind of liked the Oxford Comma video, but maybe it's becuase its director was trying his very hardest to do his best Wes Anderson impression. Right down to the font used on-screen.