Friday, August 15, 2008

music for the drive home

I would say it's been a funny night except I think the word I'm actually searching for is "magical". Went to the Saloon and not once but twice walked in to the ladies room to absolutely no line. Ladies at the Saloon know that's a song in the key of never. Also, when I first walked into the bar some dude I've never seen before up and kissed my hand without even the slightest provocation. I guess Thursday is Victorian day?

Anyway, you know how Christina is always announcing that she would be more than happy to sign some titties at a ponygirl outing, you know, to do a favor to one of our 7 fans (she's really serious y'all. I've seen the sharpies she carries)? Well, I'm pleased to make my own offer: You may kiss my hand but you may not address me. How's that for magnanimous?

Since this is still a blog about music or whatever, I wanted to share what I listened to while gulping down vitamin water and chomping on doritos. WARNING: this video contains titties. I have been seriously digging on this song but only in the middle of the night. It's by Deep Sleepover (Michael Doersken of Sunset Rubdown y'all) and I kind of don't want to spoil it by listening to it during the day. The song is called "Downtown Clown". It sounds really good loud except the saxophone solo kind of hurts my ears at the volume that I like the rest of the song, so watch out for that.

I like this song so much I'm tempted to write really douchy meaningless things about it and pretend that I write for pitchfork. When I listen to Deep Sleepover, it will always be my favorite part of summer, the end of summer: August. Windows down, heater on. The wind in my hair might as well be familiar hands and the heavy reverb sends echoes through my core that reach my earliest childhood memories of thinking clowns were really fucking scary. Man, I am still kind of scared of clowns. And I will ask myself, should I really be driving and the answer is already there and the answer is always already yes because I am already driving and anyway I am only doubting myself because I am overtired but I am too tired to sleep and too tired not to write run on sentences and apparently not tired enough to correct them. I take the dark roads, the windy roads, the roads that smell like lagoon dirt where bunnies run haphazard in the street and I have to slam on the brakes a few times to save them and music is like that you know?

Yeah, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I think tomorrow night we're gonna go see Xiu Xiu at the Casbah and it should be good times. I'm gonna go spoon my kitty and see if the tv can't sing me to sleep.

Oh fuck, P.S.


'stina said...

I think this is one of the funniest posts you have ever written dude. You should get kind of tipsy and take stabs at giant media sites that monopolize the community more often.

'stina said...

Also, my ex boyfriend's parents had a corridor of their house lined with clown paintings. Fucking terrifying dude. Not cool.

megan elizabeth said...

shit, I forgot to mention those people I saw grinding to the Beach Boys. MAGICAL.

'stina said...

We should probably start bringing a video camera everywhere with us...