Monday, August 11, 2008


In an unusual bout of desire to go outside, we have decided that we are, in fact, going to hit up "Dirty Monday" at The Saloon in Encinitas. We can make anything fun if we put our minds to it! Vega is a decent DJ and this has become a business trip so we are going to seriously represent. I am preparing by dying my hair and doing Murad's clarifying mask, which kind of made me look like the joker:

We are also are going clad in our finest hipster attire. Personally, I am going to be so uncool it's cool. I'm probably going to wear my cat sweater and bring a Brita filter full of cheap vodka that I turned into boozy gold. Here's where it gets important: we are bringing Pony Girl Club fliers that we are going to force upon the drunks, so if you are there and want to hold up one of the fliers in a picture we will put you on the site!

In unrelated news, we are pretty bummed about Isaac Hayes. A tribute:

can you dig it?



megan elizabeth said...

I had a really scary dream last night about the Joker (the Jack Nicholson Joker, WTF?) trying to get in to my room to kill my cat and I blame you.

'stina said...

I would never hurt your catorexic gingerbeast...