Tuesday, August 19, 2008

drrrty monday

In an attempt to be a slightly better blogger, I actually took some notes on tonight's Dirty Monday at the Saloon.

Note #1: The Organ "Brother"

This is how Gabe Vega started his set and I drunkenly shouted that every bone in my body was happy. This band takes me back to 2003 when I used to get drunk with this guy Jason and sit on his bedroom floor with him and sing along to the Smiths and he burned me a copy of their demo. They broke up a while back but in October they're releasing some new/old tracks. I am definitely looking forward to that.

Note #2: The gross

Christina wrote that. I'm not really sure what/who she was talking about.

Note #3: Santogold "Les Artistes"

Santogold is a rad lady who sounds kinda like M.I.A. I used to think she was totally legit but I've seen like 2 of her songs in commercials. I wouldn't be too concerned except one of the commercials was for a shitty light beer. Direct flight to I don't know how to feel about you city.

Note #4: Feist "Sea Lion Woman"


Note #5: "Should I stay or should I go?"

At this point the notes start deteriorating because I decided it was time to dance. Fuck, I can't blog all the time. I'm not one to brag or nothing, but shit I got down. I was the dancing queen. Some stiletto wearing hussy stomped my foot and I think it's broke but you know what? I danced through it. Fucking awesome music tonight.

Note #7: Ghostland observatory

Christina wrote that too. I don't know man. I'll let her write about it. I need a shower.

the other Note #7: Crystal Castles=worst band ever

I guess we're bad at numbering lists. Whatever.

Tuck yourself in and listen to the song that got me back on my feet after I took a break from dancing.

Oh, and if we told you our names were Emily, Charlotte and Ann tonight, um, I hope you like the Bronte sisters? We're wuthering pretty hard.

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