Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cheap dates

Hey, remember when I went to see Xiu Xiu and drank too much to formulate any useful opinions? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, that band Fantastic Magic that I liked has a song up you can download here called "Flying on a Skateboard". They're contributing to a mix cd for a zine called Some Things Magazine along with some other rad artists like Old Time Relijun and Mount Eerie. Should be a good one.

There's a new Horse Feathers track up today at stereogum called "Father" from the upcoming album House With No Home. You should download it today and buy the album on September 9th from Kill Rock Stars. Justin Ringle's got to make that paper if he wants to keep singing like an angel.

And from the pony express mail bag, some sensitive music from an Ohio boy named Jonathon Hape. He reminds me of Broken Social Scene but if they were only one person instead of like 200. He's kind of a cutie so I promised him the Tiger Beat treatment as I feel that publication is the closest thing to our level of journalistic integrity. So I sat down to listen to the Herbivore ep which you can download in part on ye olde myspace (if you only get one song, go for "Blinking") and I got to thinking, maybe boys are people too, with thoughts and feelings, not just so many pieces of meat. It was kind of a bad feeling so I shook it off by leafing through some classic issues of Playgirl (not the one with your pops, 'Stina). I don't want to feel that way again.

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