Monday, August 11, 2008


Oh man, I fucked up with that last post. Shit is incoherent. I was really tired and wanted to post about that Ok Go video before I had to go stand around and get paid to let cougars/old people/baby hookers be really fucking rude to me all day. Bitter, party of one? A thousand times yes.

I was going to stick my tail between my legs and slink away for a day or so, but there has been a lot of hubub about some shit at the Saloon in Encinitas and I couldn't figure out what in candy mountain's name it was. Until Gabe Vega posted a bulletin on the 'space with a video in it. DUN DUN DUNNNNN. The stupid invasive video-ing style reminded me that there was a dude at the Saloon one time dragging around a moderately expensive looking video camera with a stupid-ass wide-angle lens filming people. At around 2:14 you can see Abby on the phone, Jenni covering her face and me scowling and throwing up what is globally known as the Guido gesture for "WTF DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!"

I recall yelling something at the dude about being a union member and him requiring a release form to film me. UR THREATS, THEY R NOT WORKINS. Anyhoo, according to the flier and shit posted with the video, this event aptly named "The Good, The Bad and The Dirty" appears to be some sort of burfday bash and also the first of many "Industry Nights." I don't know what an industry night is but I'm pretty sure I don't want to find out. When I say that, I mean I'll probably be there. Vega usually plays pretty good shit. It's going to be the masses of other people there that I will have a problem with. With that said, I might just be stomping around my house with a heating pad listening to old Saetia records. Coin toss. If I'm there, I'll sign your tits.

Some Natures Catch No Plagues,


p.s. I tagged this post "bitchfights" because Megan once got in a bitchfight at the Saloon after having her cocktail jostled and if we go tomorrow night there is a 97% chance we will get in a bitchfight. Put your money on us.


megan elizabeth said...


That video made me LOL. "Look how hip and funky the Saloon is." YES.

'stina said...

Now I'm mad at the saloon. I just want to sit around and behave like a dirtbag. I don't want to have a Beauty Bar clone in North County. There's a reason I live so far away from that shit. That reason is my dad chooses to.

jenni said...

maybe i'll just start wearing a paper bag over my head when i go out in case someone decides to stick a camera in my face. 2:20- kimi pre-sinkpiss.

Grenva said...

now that i've read the entire post i see that you girls did make it to the opening night!