Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am really serious about the limo guys

Confession: I did not go to North by Northpark. I feel a little shitty about it but I have a really good excuse. I was too busy rollin' in a limo, sipping champagne, listening to rap music and getting free lapdances from a trio of Italian stallions. Subwoofers in that shit were intense. I don't know what Stina's excuse is; probably something like "being gainfully employed". Not that there's anything wrong with that.

If I had gone, I would have been all about seeing the Silent Comedy with Get Back Loretta and Scarlet Symphony. I haven't seen the Silent Comedy live yet but I'm into their costumes and they have some good songs on their myspace. Get Back Loretta is a solid pop act and Kevin Martin is a really nice guy to have a beer with so Ponygirls support them in everything they do. I'm not sure what the dealio is with Scarlet Symphony but I saw them a bunch of times when I was in high school and they were always exciting and loud and making me shake my ass. I think they broke up in like 2004 and some of them were in a band called UV Tigers. One of my friends from high school married their old drummer. It's a small fucking town. Anyway, seeing Scarlet Symphony get back together is magical. It brings back some of my faith in love. Gotta make somebody drive me to see them again so I can get trashed and shake my ass.

Speaking of small fucking towns, last night at Dippin Dots, Stina and I realized that when we were in high school we each had a friend that dated the same dude from this band the Apples. That was a fun fucking band. They don't have my favorite song on their myspace and it's making me a little mad but whatever. I should be mad that they broke up in 2004 and my myspace sleuthing skills revealed that the only one of them who seems to still be making music ditched SD for Texas. What a bunch of dicks.

Oh well. We'll always have the memories. And at least Scarlet Symphony got it together. They even made this creepy video.


'stina said...

Naw dude, we were driving back from Chateau Casbah.

All we talked about at Dippin' Dots was me getting that 17-year-old to show me the "employee bathroom."

Your Maugham said...

I tired reading your blog today and instead stumbled upon some bizarre bible pop-up ad crap. It was scary. I suppose this a sign from god that I should bookmark youse guys.

megan elizabeth said...

@ stina
since when is the casbah a french estate? not that I have a problem with that, just curious.

@ your maugham
you're lucky you didn't fall into a porn hole.

that's what she said?

'stina said...

I've called it that a few times, I just feel like it's more alluring that way.

beatrix dynamite said...

um, i think i remember seeing the apples a long time ago at soma... those were the ultra days!

'stina said...

I just remembered, when you say he "is a nice guy to have a beer with" you mean you wish you had a dick so you could get on his. OH SNAP!