Friday, September 12, 2008

Readers? Gather 'round!

So, the Project Runway designers showed at Bryant Park (the episode hasn't aired yet, obvs.) and I am rooting for Jerell. I like Kenley as a person, but her clothes suck. The designs are always some sort of puffy bullshit in a horrifying print that reeks of the '40s. From what I saw on Jezebel, Jerell is the only designer that showed pieces that made me exclaim "omigawd FIERCE!"

Speaking of fierce, I have been drunk with power ever since I clipped my weave in last night.

There is some stuff going on tonight, but I'm sick so I'm probably just going to sit around drinking tea and bitching. That's what I do anyways but usually it is beer and not tea.

The Casbah: Demasiado, Irradio, Firethorn, Fkenal, $5.

The Che: Snuffaluffagus, Asher in The Rye (TX), Brian Warren (of Weatherbox) and Census, $6.

u-31: Feel the Noise, $5.

Also, the San Diego Sports Club is doing some fund raising pre-party for the San Diego Music Awards, so if you feel like getting roofied, hit it up. The flier said they're "under new MGMT" so either someone is waiting with baited breath for a new record from those Brooklyn fruitcakes that played "Lord of the Flies" in their last video or they're trying to convince the world that dudes won't drop shit in your drink again. Once, at the Saloon, one of the nicer bartenders accidentally dropped my change (quarters) in my drink, but gave me another one, FO FREE, so it's cool. Quarters and tonic ain't that bad.



Dr. Bubastis said...

I can't decide what just pissed me off more: finding out the final four on project runway without wanting to, or the fact that leanne isn't one of them.

megan elizabeth said...

AH! I know! Leanne is the best. I hate Kenley as a person but I occasionally like her designs, like the cream colored dress with the hand painted flower shit. I would rock that at a tea party so hard. I have to agree that Jerell's collection is the most interesting. I love the way he mixes textures and patterns.

Dr. Bubastis said...

So i guess all six remaining designers showed. So Leanne and Korto (the two best people on the show) could still be in it. Fuck this show if Suede shows over Leanne.

To help off-set how gay it is that I love Project Runway, I always root for the best looking girl. In this case, Leanne.

megan elizabeth said...

Now that I've seen it I'm a little disappointed in Leanne's collection. She has a couple pieces that I would punch a baby to obtain but I hate the light blue color she used for fucking everything.

'stina said...

Leanne's craftmanship is good but there is no "wow" with any of the pieces, for me and I think a lot of that has to do with that dreadful color.

With that said, I am excited about our Project Runway finale party. ICE CREAM AND PAJAMAS!!!