Monday, September 8, 2008

I snuck a look inside your skull and said, "don't look now"

This weekend I went on a really emo roadtrip. By myself. To Orange County. For like four hours. As per usual I was having some personal problems resulting from a series of increasingly bad decisions begun in 2004 that took me until two hours ago to resolve. Blah blah, whatever, don't care. I wish I could say that I spent my roadtrip listening to the Shins and tell y'all about how it changed my life, but I mean, do you think four hours in the OC has ever changed anyone's life? COME ON!

I was listening to Swan Lake's album Beast Moans, bringing back 2006. I heard something in June about them having finished recording a new album but I can't seem to find much information on it, probably because even the most thorough googling eventually yields results like this:

I'm just going to assume that is good news for the future of our ballet-in-progress, tentatively called, "Shut Up I'm Dreaming of Ballet".

It was a natural jump from Swan Lake to Destroyer, and really, who better to listen to on an emo roadtrip to somewhere a good forty minutes away from home than Destroyer?

That's at least ten times more appropriate than listening to Destroyer to put a lady in the mood for love, not that I'm talking about anyone in particular here. Just that I might be.

Destroyer put out a new album in March called Trouble in Dreams and it's pretty fucking awesome, if you like Destroyer, and I do. I was surprised to hear a new, clearer version of "Shooting Rockets" on that album, if only because when I hear that song on Beast Moans I don't immediately think it's a Dan Bejar song. I like the new version a lot better than the old one, not that I didn't like the old one, just that the old one comes right after "Are You Swimming in her Pools" and it's hard to get my attention when I'm just pushing the back button as hard as I can. So check that out.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I need to sew the elastics in my new slippers.


Dr. Bubastis said...

There's a Destroyer drinking game floating around on the internet somewhere. It includes stuff like "drink whenever he references one of his old albums" and "drink whenever he goes 'la la la la'" and "drink whenever he quotes someone in a song"

basically you'd be black-out drunk a few songs into any of his albums.

megan elizabeth said...

Sounds like a good game. I'm usually black out drunk at that point anyway.

'stina said...

I heard there's a Sunset Rubdown drinking game that involves drinking from a bottle of Jameson whenever the Krug mentions a mythical creature.

With that said, who wants to play the Destroyer drinking game?

burnedbeyondrecognition said...

I heard there's a Sunset Rubdown drinking game where you get piss ass fucking drunk and hate yourself for getting suckered into listening to such pussy ass shit.

Dr. Bubastis said...

yeah, fuck pussy ass shit.

that being said, I think the Krug drinking game would be more effective if it were changed to ANY animal rather than just mythical ones.

we should have a "pony girl club destroyer drinking game challenge". last person conscious WINS!

'stina said...

@ burnedbeyondgaycognition

First of all, bitch please. Second, Let me know when you learn how to really get fucking brutal, dude. I might try to get you to touch my "ding-a-ling," who knows.

@ Dr. Bubastis

Count me in. I'll take all (a whopping two of) you bitches down.

'stina said...

I forgot to mention that one time a dude tried to put the moves on me to Destroyer and I was like, "bish, plz" and then I realized that I just made him watch "Legend" and might as well give up and blow him.

stevens seagalll said...

Pony Girl Drinking Game:
Everytime 'stina mentions jawbreaker take a shot
Everytime Megan mentions a band I never heard of take a shot.
Everytime Spencer Krug gets mentioned sip your beer (If you did more then this the game wouldn't last very long.)
Dicated by not written by Stevens Seagulll

stevens seagalll said...

Stevens Seagulll is firing his typist for mispelling dictated.
Dictated by not written by Stevens Seagulll

stevens seagalll said...

And misspelling.
Dictated but not written by Stevens Seagulll.

megan elizabeth said...

Spencer Krug drinking game: drink whenever you feel a quivering in your bosom.

PonyGirl drinking game: drink whenever comments on a post devolve into a completely unrelated bitchfight.

'stina said...