Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Proclaimers are not, in fact, the only band from Scotland

The Pony Girl stables have been like a damn ghost town lately, despite my promises of grandeur. I have been experiencing my first of probably many serious bouts of composer's block. Usually it gets really close to the deadline and the project gets itself done in a matter of hours, but this time I am legitimately worried. There's just nothing. I feel like that guy in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Maybe it's because I hate the director and I think his short film is gay. Oops, said that out loud on the internet.

Personal crisis aside, I was digging around in one of my plastic organizational cubes in hot pursuit of my dignity or something when I found this CD that I was all into in 2000, "100 Broken Windows" by the band named after that secret meeting place in Anne of Green Gables- Idlewild. At least they're honest about their reading abilities, unlike other bands.

There are two songs off that album, "Idea Track" and "Let Me Sleep (Next to the Mirror)," that are still pretty decent. I realized after listening to the CD again that I had this problem circa 2000 where I thought it was cool that EVERY band I listened to sounded exactly the same. Basically, I listened to three bands for a couple years. Another thing I realized is that I apparently didn't care if any of the dudes in the band were hot, I just cared about the music. What was wrong with me? I feel like I need to go back in time and reverse that so maybe today I would be a little more slutty or popular or both since they're synonymous.

This is a video from around the same time for "Actually It's Darkness:"

I'm kind of into the chorus. I like the slightly unconventional drum fill.

I think the only thing about this band that really bums me out is they used to sound like everything today I talk shit on. I mean, they had a song called "Satan Polaroid." That's gotta count for something, right? Lately, they're gotten a lot more R.E.M. and a lot less rock. But they're Scottish, what did you honestly expect? Yeah. Me neither.

Going to Hawaii to meet a receptionist that will inspire me to write my vampire puppet musical,


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