Tuesday, September 16, 2008

clap your hands if you think your soul is free

I was laying in bed this morning, stretching my legs to see if they hurt (they don't!) when a most unwelcome thought presented itself to me. When school starts up again, I really can't be dancing around at Dirty Monday all night. Maybe I'll drop in for a beer after rehearsal but I've got class at 9:30 in Irvine on Tuesday mornings. I can't prance about and leap majestically for a couple hours in ballet class and then engage in "dirty dancing" all night like the lowest of harlots. It makes me tired.

If you're tired too, wake up with the new TV on the Radio video, "Golden Age" from the upcoming album Dear Science.

This song is really growing on me. It's got a good beat with kind of a Prince feel to it. If I didn't feel like I hadn't slept in the last week, I think it would make me want to dance. I wish I could explain the shit that happens in this video, but I guess it's just science and baby you know I aint no scientist.

Also, just to review, if you see me in public, you have a few options for how to handle the situation. You may kiss my hand but you may not address me. You may address me but you can not make eye contact. You may gaze upon me. Putting your arm firmly about my shoulders and blowing your rank vodka red bull breath on my cheek is not an acceptable option.

watery with a smack of ham,
megan elizabeth

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