Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you're like me, sometimes you really fucking miss the Unicorns. It can't be helped; it's in your system and it's never coming out. That Nick "Diamonds" "Islands'-first-album-was-pretty-good" Thorburn dude is in another band now called Human Highway that just played their first shows with Paul Simon's kid and the chick from Lavender Diamond. They sound pretty good, but what happened to the other guy?

Alden "Ginger" Penner, the Unicorns' keyboard man (is there anything these ponies love more than a keyboard man?) did the soundtrack to the 2005 film The Hamster Cage which you can read all about here. Also, he's been playing in a new band called Clues with a dude from the Arcade Fire and fuck, I want the album NOW.

From their debut concert at Pop Montreal last October:

said the gramophone review

There is a recently posted video of him in the studio that gives me hope for the future:
Alden J Penner

And you can listen to more Clues here.

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