Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get in my magical flying gondola, Zach Condon

I am still pretty sick and not getting a whole lot better. I am the only person in the entire goddamn world that gets hay fever in fall. I also think I'm having an existential crisis. Oh god.

I found this video:

a long time ago on that site run by frogs (La Blogotheque) that Megan is into, of Beirut doing "Nantes" on the streets of...somewhere. I really like this one and often come back to it, mostly because Zach Condon's voice is so enthralling. The concept of that sound coming out of that skinny motherfucker while he paces around the streets like it's no big deal is mind-blowing. That and I like gypsies. I read that when Zach turned 18, he hung out with a bunch of Balkan gypsies for a while and was a street musician. Dude, that's so cool. I'm not romanticizing gypsies, at all. In fact, speaking of gypsies reminds me that Fitz's mom used to tell him as a child that if he misbehaved she would sell him to the gypsies. I definitely have to use that one on my accidental children someday.

I also really like Zach Condon because I feel like he was also born in the wrong era and would really enjoy having us for tea in his parlor. We would hang out with this dude so hard it's not even funny.

This is a clip one of the extras in the "Elephant Gun" video shot of Zach doing "Postcards From Italy" on his parlor couch:

and this is Beirut in a courtyard playing "Sunday Smile:"

Beirut played in L.A. not that long ago and I really wanted to go, but all of my friends were being assholes and the dude I was kind of dating was being an even bigger asshole. I don't like going to shows by myself and I especially don't like driving to L.A. to go to a show by myself. Needless to say, I kind of regret not going anyways. Maybe someday I'll go to a show by myself but be more schizophrenic and bring someone to talk to that isn't necessarily another body.

Time to go let a Korean woman slap my hands with a ruler.



Dr. Bubastis said...

I went--there was a ton of 15 year old kids and the beer was expensive so I didn't drink and I was just generally in a bad mood.

and really, nothing pisses me off more than people under the age of 20 and expensive beer.

'stina said...

I'll be honest, people under 21 piss me off.

Actually, scratch that. Most people piss me off.

jenni said...

are you kidding stina i thought you loved underage boys?