Sunday, September 14, 2008

make it work

On Friday night 'Stina and I arranged to meet with Doctor Bubastis under cover of night, near to the witching hour. The location agreed upon was a known and well-lit pub, but when we met with him at the appointed hour he swept us up into his carriage before we could protest. "I require more privacy!" He declared.

He drove his carriage on violently, cackling as the wind whipped our manes into a frenzy. As he drove, he vexed us with unanswerable questions. "Who should win Project Runway this season?" "What is your favorite Spencer Krug song?" "How many drinks did you have the night you saw Xiu Xiu?" I reached for my smelling salts a moment too late. I fainted dead away.

I awoke in a parlor that looked a lot like this Beirut video, minus the video honeys.

We had wine and cake. The Good Doctor apologized for his uncouth behavior and we got down to some serious ponygirl business, as after all, Stina and I were decked out in our best business hoodies.

With business taken care of, we fell to chatting and an impromptu autoharp, ukulele and keytar jam. "So," the Doctor said, "what are you ponies doing the rest of the weekend?"

"Not too much, just getting sick and going to work anyway."

"But what about after the weekend?"

"Oh, you mean...."


"DIRTY MONDAY!" We cried, our hearts filled with glee and sparkles of joy dancing in our eyes.

"Why haven't you posted the new video yet? You're in it a couple times."

"Well, we've been feeling a bit under the weather, kinda busy..."

"FEEBLE EXCUSES ARE THE REFUGE OF THE WEAK!" He raged, his countenance threatening violence.

We will be at the Saloon tomorrow evening, faithful as ever, coughing daintily in our hankies.
-megan elizabeth


Dr. Bubastis said...

That actually IS my parlor. The good Mr. Zachary Condon is a dear friend of mine, and he graces me with his presence once a fortnight or so. Naturally, he supplies the video honeys and choreographed dancers. I supply the baroque jams and drink.

'stina said...

Business hoodies smell like American Apparel acid wash and H&M mountain man plaid.

When the Good Doctor said "you're in it" he litterally meant YOU.

Where is that shot of you slapping me in the face with the money? Was that the week after?

grumble grumble grumble.


'stina said...

Also, the choreography is the artistically satisfying kind of shit I wish Sadie would make for us.

megan elizabeth said...

I think you're in a shot where I'm counting out money to slap you in the face with, if that's any consolation.

Honestly, he only puts us in the videos to keep us from bitching about him on the internet.

'stina said...

Yeah, well, when I'm sick it takes a lot to keep the bitching at bay.

I feel a serious snark attack coming...or is that a sneeze?

Grenva said...

i will be there hangin out with my own band of germs. i put you ponys in the video because you aren't afraid to be funny. today's blog reading has been my favorite so far.

Grenva said...

i also went to work sick!