Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fact: Public Displays of Affection are a disgusting social Cardinal sin

I can't count how many times I've written the phrase "I don't like other people" but I can't even begin to tell you how much I don't like when two people are fucking and they need to let the world via hushed nothings whispered and not-so-covert under the table hand-holding. It's really fucking uncomfortable for other people, especially if you're the only other one there. It's unnecessary and socially unacceptable. Don't even try and tell me I'm probably guilty, because it's not true. I'm like Angela from The Office.

One time I totally sucked face with a dude at a bar on the first non-date (is it a date if he shows up outside your work even though you didn't tell him where you work?) because I somehow acquired the magically refilling pint glass and it was full of swampy Double Bastard goodness. So yeah, one time I got really wasted and made out with a dude in a dark corner booth at Churchill's on a Monday around midnight with no one else in the establishment. Fucking sue me.

While I'm on a roll, yeah, I kind of do expect everyone to be like me. Or at least if you're hanging out with me respect me and other people (nearly everyone I know) uncomfortable with PDA enough to stop being fucking disgusting for an hour out of your menial lives.

There are lots of public couples that do not have yucky behavior. Mates of State. That chick and her permanent fuckstick from the Arcade Fire:

Even Dan Boeckner and his wife (they put their rings together and become the Handsome Furs) are acceptable. Why? Because they're doin' other stuff while they're being a little gross. When I say gross I mean totally adorbs:

Although, especially after watching that video of Angela, I must admit that royal blue is kind of whoreish.

This "may or may not be" couple is currently my favorite:

Corrina Repp of...herself and Joe Haege of 31Knots, forming Tu Fawning. In a 31Knots interview I read a while back, Haege mentioned having "a side project back home" with his "girlfriend." Well, well, well.

I'm seriously not trying to turn this shit into a gossip blog, I just really wanted to talk about Tu Fawning. Corrina Repp has a smoky sultry voice that enables her to hold her own with a quiet guitar or soft, droning piano but it's so pleasing to hear her in a more upbeat, fun situation. I feel like every girl that wants to "sing" in a band should have to go to the Corrina Repp school of not sucking, in addition to sitting in the Clockwork Orange video viewing chair watching this video of Repp singing AND playing drums without cracking in the least:

The god-awful shit that passes for singing these days would be gone quicker than a can of Spam in a factory full of Asians. Yeah, I'm talking about The Ting-Tings and Crystal Castles. The good news is: neither of those bands are from America, so I still feel safe. I don't feel like I'm going to come down with a really bad case of the talentless hack any time soon. Just keep those fuckers and their smallpox blankets out of my country.

Tangents aside, Haege uses his strange stamples familiar to 31Knots listeners and the indie superduo recently added horns, piano and violin (as well as Liza Rietz and Toussaint Perrault to play them) to the regular mix. "Out Like Bats" made it apparent that Haege has a signature guitaring (my new wordbination, suck it!) style that he can maintain without the frenetic energy and distortion that is his default in 31Knots. One review of "Secession" (available now through surprise surprise, Polyvinyl) noted the sound was "a little Sunset Rubdown-ey" and that is a comparison I would have never thought to make, yet is one I agree with. Things can be Sunset Rubdown-ey in nature, sure.

I have to go now. I just...have to go.



jenni said...

i'm pretty into that. not pda. tu fawning. you're getting kind of mysterious in your posts and i don't like it. not going places for undisclosed reasons and ending your blog abruptly because you "just have to go." i believe the internet has the right to know every detail of a blogger's life.

megan elizabeth said...

I'm gonna tear into you like a chainsaw
With my chainsaw
I have a chainsaw....

megan elizabeth said...

Also, I fucking love her voice.

'stina said...

Megan, I'm gonna freeze your eyeballs and use them as ice cubes so I can gaze into your eyes FOREVER but not for too long because I don't want them to de-frost.