Tuesday, September 23, 2008

one trick pony: lovefool

Last night after a rigorous ballet rehearsal, I donned my party dress and braved the dirty saloon in search of birthday drinks. After a couple of strong glasses of cranberry juice, a lady friend addressed this query to me in confidential tones. "Has anyone ever sent you a dick pic?"


"Oh." She looked down at the ring of condensation her glass had left on the bar.

"Did someone send one to you?"

She kept her eyes cast down. "Yeah."


"You know that guy who was sending me the creepy texts?"

"Oh shit, he didn't!"

She nodded.

I cackled with glee. "Oh my god, can I see?"

She flipped open her phone to show me the image of his erect, pink dingaling, his hand wrapped round the base to demonstrate its relative size. She began to speak of her feelings: violated, disgusted, ashamed. "Hold the phone, " I said, "Lovefool's on."

Whenever I hear this song I am in sixth grade again, jumping on my bed and singing along.
The video above is the original video that played in Europe and shit, not the Romeo and Juliet video I remember. I know what I'll be humming all day and for the next two weeks.

Love me, love me,
megan elizabeth

ps The new TV on the Radio Dear Science came out today! I have listened to it exactly 1/2 times, but it sounds good so far. Ponygirls will keep you posted.


'stina said...

Megan: oh my god I love this song

Christina: me too.

Megan: don't like, tell anyone though.

Christina: as long as you don't tell anyone I said the same thing.

megan elizabeth said...

it's a secret....

jenni said...

i fucking love that song and i'll tell anyone that

Grenva said...

i vow to get you a drink for your birthday. a vodka cran light on the crans.

ps. remind me.