Tuesday, July 29, 2008

you seemed so nice 'til I knew you better

Ever since I heard their Daytrotter session, I've been meaning to download, I mean "purchase at my local independent record store" the Dodos' album Visiter. Take a listen to this little number, "Red and Purple":

Thanks NPR!

So, I can't really tell you much about the Dodos because maybe I'm a bad blogger but I just don't really care where they're from, if they turned off spell-check when they were writing their album title or if they, like me, took French in high school. Maybe I'm a bad blogger because I'm about to link you to wikipedia. You see what I did there? Ha! Maybe I'm a bad blogger because I'm not going to pretend that every sound that I find pleasing is some kind of quasi-religious experience. Maybe I'm a bad blogger because I can't actually explain why I like what I like because it's more emotional and kinesthetic than technical and analytical. Maybe I'm just grouchier than usual today because my throat hurts. I don't have all the answers for you people.

But I can tell you that it is a good album. My favorite tracks today are "Winter" and "The Season". Despite a kind of minimalist approach to instrumentation, the sound is full and rich. If I had to play the try to name an influence/make unwarranted comparisons game, I would definitely say Neutral Milk Hotel. Man, I love me some Neutral Milk Hotel.

I gotta go get some Dayquil so I can go to work. Later dudes.


'stina said...

You sound grouchy as shit and I think you might be taking a stab at me.

Well, my friend, just you wait for the gem I am about to post...

megan elizabeth said...

Defs stabby, but not at you.

I am now that you point it out though.

Just because.

stevens seagalll said...

Ones dime i took waaaaay too much of the quil and i saw pony gurls in my hhhoouse. Its was kewl. YAY!!!

megan elizabeth said...


one time my ex-boyfriend took too much of the quil and he had to get his stomach pumped. Are you him?

stevens seagalll said...

Iss he a bulke hulke sonabitcc? if so thann ya.