Monday, July 7, 2008

where are we moving to? BERLIN!!!!

This morning I'm really digging on this new video by Stars for "Bitches in Tokyo", directed by Experimental Parachute Movement (Kevin Drew and George Vale). Enjoy:

I like anything that encourages me not to wash my hair. Fuck shampoo man. I gotta get me a wig. Also in my bag of tricks today, New Zealand's own Flight of the Conchords, now with some sweet staches, doing a little something special for all the ladies of the world.

Wow, that is some fancy skating. Damn, that is quite a stache on Jemaine. Either something is quivering in my feminine core or I left my cell phone on vibrate.

Moving along, I don't know if we're not talking about Vampire Weekend now that they've been on tv and nobody likes tv, but I'm going to go out on a limb and admit that I like this video for "Oxford Comma" directed by somebody called Richard Ayodade but it looks like some Wes Anderson shit to me:

Something about the lead singer of this band really bothers me. I know it's in his face but I can't place it. He kind of looks like somebody I can't put my finger on who I don't like for some reason I can't remember and it infuriates me. I like that in this video I can't see his face very well most of the time so I'm not distracted by wondering why I don't like him. Seriously, what did that guy do? He has this douche-in-philosophy-class vibe but he could be somebody's lame ex-boyfriend. Maybe he's just a shitty tipper or a guy who stands too close to you on the bus. Maybe he's in a valtrex commercial. Maybe he's the first ponygirl poll: Why do I hate this guy?


'stina said...

You're uncomfortable because that Vampire Weekend dude looks like me... if I was a dude with chipmunk cheeks.

I, for one, am uncomfortable because the keyboardist looks like the Krug and McKenna. YIKES.

Ray Gold said...

Richard Ayoade > Wes Anderson

"some guy" pffft! try comedic genius!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Ack typos! I meant to say Ayodade is the director of the video but the guy you're thinking of is Ayoade, and to me they will always be "some guy" because they are hard to spell.