Sunday, July 6, 2008

If I see one more of those houndstooth neck scarves I am going to fight someone.

I was going to drop a line about the new Xiu Xiu video until I saw one of the little eye candies featured in the video sporting one of those annoying plaid/houndstooth/clusterfuck-print scarves. Yeah, one of these guys:

Scarf in question:
I hit the red X faster than R. Kelly can say "call my lawyer." In addition to offensive neck wear, I have tried really, really hard to like Xiu Xiu and I just can't so I will have to let someone else write about them. The video MIGHT be cool, I heard there are fashionable, girly looking dudes kissing and stuff but OH MAN that scarf. Especially in Southern California, where lately it jumps between 78 and 97 degrees, scarves are uncalled for and YOU LOOK LIKE A TOTAL ASSHOLE.

So here are some other videos in artsy black and white by a good band. The Walkmen. These dudes did a fierce sesh over at Daytrotter. When I say fierce I mean they just played Leonard Cohen covers, but it's cool man. Better than ScarJo doing Tom Waits. That shit makes me want to punch myself in the back of the head.

We've Been Had:

What's in it for me?:

The Rat:

give me all your money and reese's pieces,



Megan Elizabeth said...

I would just like to go on record as saying that I wear my scarf to ensure that the people that I meet will know without having to ask that I am in fact an asshole.

jk said...

i have a scarf that looks just like that. i love it, it makes me happy. love love love it! so i'm gonna go ahead and say that having a lack of scarves is for assholes.

Your Maugham said...

Dude, why are hipster losers wearing kaffiyehs all the sudden? I had no idea that Palestinian nationalism was so en vogue.

Hess said...

I'm sure only hipsters know what those awful scarfs are called, so nice try, Your Maugham. You aren't fooling anyone.