Thursday, July 24, 2008

you think you can defeat me with your rebellious beard?

What is it about Devendra Banhart? I mean, he's basically just this dirty hippie guy with an acoustic guitar who should represent everything I hate and yet he draws me in with an almost Rasputin-like magnetism. He's got a great new video out for "Carmensita" off Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. I fucking love when he sings in Spanish. Just watch it:

Yeah, that was Natalie Portman, that bitch. Kidding, she's gorgeous and I stopped hating her once I heard she changed her mind about being Catherine in Wuthering Heights. Bitch couldn't pull that shit off. I want to see Lindsey Lohan in that role, back on the sauce, off the spray tan and crazy as fuck. Not going to happen.

Speaking of people I'd like to see in Wuthering Heights Gael Garcia Bernal is in this Devendra Banhart video teaser for the same album set to the song "Seahorse". Gael Garcia Bernal would be my choice for Heathcliff, not the typical British Whitey McWhiterson. Stay true to the book people!

I don't know why they insist this was a teaser and not a music video. Shit's eight minutes long, but whatevs. Devendra Banhart, you do what you want.


'stina said...

More like the prince of pubes. Yuck.

jenni said...

i want to do gael garcia bernal so bad