Friday, July 11, 2008

office space

Do you have a shitty job? TPS reports got you down? Do you, like me, feel uncomfortable talking about your flair? Do you have a special playlist you listen to on your way to work that keeps you from going homicidal on your lunch break? Ponygirls want to know what it is.

My job requires high energy, incessant insipid smiling and a dog-like obedience to the whims of hundreds of strangers, so I try to keep it upbeat. Lately, I'm a little bit obsessed with this lady, Yelle. This song is called, "Mon Meilleur Ami" which translates to "My Best Friend". It's about her vibrator. True story.

Way to make a sack dress adorned with a smiley face look totally hot, Yelle. By the by, her name is an acronym for "You Enjoy Life", with the extra L and E added so French people will treat her like a lady.

Speaking of interesting spelling, I found this sweet video of the B-52s performing their only song that doesn't make me want to stab out my eardrums, "Dance This Mess Around". Remember the 80's and watch for the typo:

Some old dude who used to be my friend put this on a mix cd for me a long time ago and it just popped into my brain a couple weeks ago at work. It struck me that this song is the perfect way for me to get into character because it goes so well with the bubble gum popping, tweenishly be-glittered, overgrown Lolita, nicknamed "Daddy", giggling, sticky lipgloss wearing persona that I affect because sometimes I like to pretend that I'm more like a geisha and less like a waitress.

So yeah, just let us know in the comments: What gets you going?

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