Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If you feel like dancing, dance with me

I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the Rocky Votolato show tonight at The Casbah. I will sign your tits. Seriously. Just ask.

Also, this band Bishop Allen came on shuffle yesterday and I felt compelled to post one of their videos and instruct y'all to check them out. I heard about these dudes because the singer, Justin Rice, was in this horrible indie movie "Mutual Appreciation" (part of the "mumblecore" movement?). Justin Rice has a really bad case of the hot and a good portion of his music was used in the soundtrack. Two good songs are on their 'space, "Things are What You Make of Them" and "Flight 180."

I present you a video:

Also, I found the live version of that new Sunset Rubdown song Megan posted about a while ago, tentatively titled "You Go on Ahead." It sounds pretty promising. When I say promising I mean I like it and will fight anyone who dares say otherwise. JUST TRY ME, BITCH!!!

and I will appear before you virgin white if virgins are still chaste,



megan elizabeth said...

dude, I fucking love that song so much. I have been scouring the internet looking for a place to download it and so far no such luck. I just want to have it on my pod.

aboutthetitsigning said...

Does the offer stand if the one asking is male?
Or to a further effect... will you sign my balls?

'stina said...

@ anonymous: No, I only sign titties so I don't seem sexist.

@megan: yeah I know sugar muffin. we'll find it someday.