Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You're so hot you're making me sexist. Bitch.

I don't have a grip of time for complaining today, unfortunately for y'all. I know that's your favorite part to read. My trivial complaints about Costco (still Price Club).

So, in lieu of "so and so cut me off on the freeway," or "I'm a white upper-middle class trust fund bitch and my life is hard," I'm going to do a quick News Flash.

Cursive was one of the first indie math-punk/whatever bands I got into back in the day when Saddle Creek/Vagrant/Deep Elm were my main source for band discovery. Apparently these dudes are still around- sans original drummer (he left because he felt his life calling was really taking care of Whippets) and are recording a new album. I didn't say shit was gonna be epic, I just said they were recording. They did Daytrotter a couple months ago because Daytrotter is the new Jenkem and everybody's doin' it.

I like low-budget videos and I like this song:

The other "news" I have is about a local band that sucks less than a lot of local bands, but mostly they just have a really fierce case of the hot. Megan and I accidentally saw War Stories at this 30+ hipster bar downtown because we were going to some assbag's art show and they turned out to be kind of awesome. We decided they were all just sitting around one day and one of them was all like "hey so we are all REALLY hot, we should make a band or something" and that's how War Stories came to be. I'm just kidding, I'm sure they're talented musicians or something like that. At any rate, they are apparently releasing an album but haven't released a lot of information regarding it yet other than a CD release show at the Casbah on August 18th. You can bet your ass we will be there, heckling away.

Official video for "Lion:"

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