Monday, July 21, 2008

Set phasers to FANGIRL we can shoot photons of love at you, Spencer Krug!

Oh man, that is creepy. I heard from someone that we are going to do a tag-team videoblog show/album review for Wolf Parade (the show last night at Cane's/At Mount Zoomer), so keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time, here are a couple pictures I took last night. I never claimed to be a photographer and above that I didn't just arbitrarily take 22 pictures of The Krug- bitches be jostling me and not letting me through to take pictures of my beloved theremin-playing Angel from above (Canada), Hadji. Or Jenni's beloved married love nugget, Dan. Jenni took some pictures with a real film camera, so hopefully she got some decent photos of...oh, you know...the rest of Wolf Parade.

That last one is the real money shot. Homeboy turned around and bared his chompers, just for us! Probably because he knew the Pony Girls would write nice things if he gave us at least one picture.

Canadian bacon is really just round ham but I still wonder what they call it,



jenni said...

my pictures probably aren't decent since i was wasted but we'll see as soon as i have money.

Megan Elizabeth said...

at least none of us are the girl who grabbed Hadji's leg.

And it just hit me that the "back bacon/side bacon" business sounds more like swimming strokes than dance moves.