Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swedish band warns of the dangers of multitasking

I've been having kind of a shitty time lately. When it wasn't the crushing loneliness of modern existence, it was my grandparents visiting and alternating between telling me I'm too skinny and telling me not to get fat, or it was my job forcing all of us to go to mandatory meetings about how to be nice to people and trying to scare us by talking about the recession. Don't even get me started on the fact that I have come to view sexual harassment from one of my supervisors as the highlight of my day (Question: Is it still harassment if I like it?). Plus assorted personal problems too fucking depressing for ponygirl headquarters.

Instead, let's take a trip to the magical land of Sweden, also known as Ikea, home to Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. I present to you, their video for "Rent A Wreck":

Look at their funny foreign names: Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarsson. They could like be articles of furniture that you could buy at Ikea (get it, because they're from the same country, I wasn't sure if you got it the first time, seriously) if you weren't too depressed to put on pants. That could be a funnier joke if their names had more consonants. WHY DO I FAIL AT EVERYTHING????

Ha ha, just kidding y'all. Anywho, these two gentlemen were expected to have another record out in Spring 2008 which is, as some of you may know, over. It's been pushed back to the TBA of September, so we'll keep you posted. Also, according to youtube commenters, the only problem with this band/video is the guy's glasses. Too popular. You are so right dude, eyesight is getting seriously played out. It's everywhere these days, and frankly, I'm sick of seeing it.

I will probably not be posting tomorrow because I plan on being drunk all day or on Saturday because I plan on being hungover and dragging my ass in to work, so I'll take this time to wish you a very happy Independence Day. Be safe, and even if Danger is your middle name, have faith that Will Smith will be there to protect you. The Willenium has only just begun and far be it from him to let us all down so soon.

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