Friday, July 18, 2008

HonkeySpace: A Place for Hunting Buddies

Yesterday some brohamulasaurus rex leaned out the window of his brodozer to ask me what I was listening to at a stoplight. That was weird. When I am driving to work or dance I am trying to get in a zone and that zone does not involve being yelled at by other motorists. I screeched "REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT" and snorted disapprovingly before peeling out of the stoplight. Naw, I have front wheel drive. The only thing I'm peeling out of is your mom. OH SNAP. I hope he was on his way to some brofessional broga classes, perhaps located in brotropolis, the brohamas or even the bromuda triangle. Broseph Stalin looked like the kind of guy that would eat broatmeal or brogurt for breakfast. Something light. His buddy Broba Fett looked like a broham sandwich kinda guy though. He also looked kinda like this brobot I saw at a party once, Brohan Solo. Brojangles was so broasted he was trying to merc Bro Diddley's brocaine and wanted to have a broetry slam. Out of nowhere, Brosemite Sam came out of bromoflague with a broa constrictor, I had to brodini out to a new brocation to try and find bromance with a new bromo sapien anyways. He tried to get all bro vs. wade on my ass and...that signals the end of my ability to continue to try to form sentences using bro words. Bromaldehyde. Atbrosphere. Broconomy.

Ahh shit, that was a lot of bro. Back to what I was originally supposed to post about...


One of my favorite seriously kind of gay bands. Reggie is James Dewees, the drummer from Coalesce (FUCK YEAH!...ugh) and the keyboardist from The Get Up Kids, one of my OTHER favorite seriously gay bands. They get a whole post to themselves, though. I like a lot of really seriously gay bands like The Anniversary and Cross My Heart but I also like Norwegian black metal so if you talk shit on my gay bands I'll punch you in the throat with my dragon rings on. Not a buddy punch, either.

I love the Reggie videos because they are hilarious. I wish there was a video for my favorite song "Thanx for Stayin'," but alas, there is not. So here is my second favorite, "Get Well Soon:"

And "Take Me Home:"

Lastly, the "Congratulations Smack & Katy" video rules ass:

I think my eyes are melting and I need to get away from the computer,



jenni said...

i laughed for a full sixty seconds at bro vs. wade

humphrey brogart said...

that post gave me interbrogenstion