Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hate week continued

The other day I was out shopping for some more eyeliner and glitter because a lady can never have too much, when that Jack Johnson song about bubble toes came on the store muzak. There was a girl nearby with her boyfriend. She was trying on bronzer and he was trying to figure out how it came to this and what he could do to escape. He said, "Hey, have you heard of this guy?" and she inevitably replied, "Yeah, OMG I love Jack Johnson." He said, "Yeah, me too." I guess it's kind of like that Deep Blue Something song about Breakfast at Tiffany's except actually, much more annoying.

Because seriously, what rock would people have been living under where they would not have heard of Jack Johnson and heard him done to death? Even my mom hates Jack Johnson and she likes all kinds of boring stuff, like U2. She actually emailed the adult contemporary station several times asking them to never play Jack Johnson again. True story. She says he sounds like he writes the same song with the same rhythm over and over again. I can't tell if that's true or not because I feel like the only song of his I ever hear is that one about the toes. I don't want to know about your toes dude. No thanks.

Moving along, I used to really like this song by Flo Rida, mostly because it used to give me a little giggle before I'd heard it a gajillion times.

I liked to sing the little back up parts. I used to pop around the corner when the girls at work were singing it just to throw in a little, "WITH THE STRAP!" It's double fun in an opera voice.

Now I can't take it any more. I wish that the next time I hear it somebody would say, "Enjoy it, for this shall be the last. All copies will self-destruct when this one finishes playing." I would jump around so hard. Conversely, I would get super low. I would shout every word that I knew. It would be so amazing to just let it all out and then put that shit away. Just put it away.

3 important announcements for tonight:
1. Rocky Votolato at the Casbah=Ponygirl stalking opportunity.
2. OMG Project Runway
3. For the out of towners, Grizzly Bear on Late Night with David Letterman
Happy hump day, y'all.


'stina said...

If you listened at all to our frazzled over-achieving UCSB tour guide you would know that Jack Johnson wrote that song about his wife (and her round, very transluscent toes?), with whom he attended UCSB. DUH.

I can't fucking stand boots with the fur either dude.

Megan Elizabeth said...

I was too distracted by the way she kept accidentally revealing too much about her personal life and trying to cover up the "party school" shit while some obvs drunk dude was heckling her at like 2 in the afternoon to retain any information about old double J's.