Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a (really hard) trip down memory lane

Once upon a time (roughly seven years ago) I received a sampler CD from Deep Elm Records, with my order of Appleseed Cast/Cross My Heart/other faggy bullshit albums and t-shirts featuring sad guys in glasses clearly yelling about self-loathing, that happened to feature a two minute and 14 second face-melter called "Leaning the Room" by a band known as "Planes Mistaken for Stars." Deep Elm is currently peddling this fine compilation for an exorbitant amount of cash moneys (like $10), HOWEVER, the "Knife In the Marathon" EP is totes worth it on iTunes.

Recently, I have been going through this thing where I have no life standards and openly still really love post-punk/post-rock (don't even get me started on math rock, bish plz) so here is a video from PMFS called "Spring Divorce" from their 2004 No Idea release "Up In Them Guts." Hee-hee, guts.

fucking shred,


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