Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm a wolf

Last night 'Stina and I attempted to see Sea Wolf at the Casbah. They fucked up man. They got big enough to sell out the Casbah. Just kidding, we're not that snobby. Well, not all the time. So how about a video followed by a hypothetical concert review? Sounds good to me too.

I'm guessing their show is a lot like this but with more of us struggling to see past the tall people who always insist on standing in the front and never ever offer us piggyback rides. I'm guessing that they are foxier in person and we would have been pretty excited about that because objectifying dudes is fun.

We would have gotten really excited about the jealous girlfriends because we're going through a phase where we get really excited about synthesizers and whispery femme vocals and Stina would find some cool technical shit to say. I'm really digging on their song "Roboxulla" right about now.

Patrick Park also played, you can sample them here at their myspace. Pretty similar to Sea Wolf. "Here We Are" stands out to me because I like finger picking. That's what she said.

I was on DD (designated driver, not boob) duty, and let's face it, I was in a shitty mood yesterday, so I probably would have bitched a lot about my feet hurting and made snarky comments. I'm guessing one of us would have had an unpleasant run-in with an acquaintance or worse.

And all of these things would have been preferable to what actually happened: we drove back to north county, rescued our friend Devin from the cougar den and I got in a total bitch fight because some peroxide blonde chick jostled me and spilled my cocktail all over my arm and then talked shit on me to her boyfriend like seriously, one foot away from me. Then I spent the rest of the night being a sad sack, my only saving grace being the snap decision that I was not in fact drunk enough to text. Bad times.

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'stina said...

I don't even know if it is that they are foxier in person or foxy at all, they are just dudes and thus I will objectify them. It is my duty as an American woman to heckle every fuckstick I cross paths with to the point of bordering sexual harassment.