Monday, June 23, 2008

if virgins are still chaste

I don't know if you've heard of the black cab sessions, so I thought I would just take this opportunity to inform you that they're pretty sweet. Simple idea: a band gets in a cab and plays a song. The videos are a little washed out and wobbly but they have an intimate vibe and beautiful music and that makes it all better. The latest video was Fleet Foxes, and Spoon and Scout Niblett have videos up too. There are a few groups on there that I'm less jazzed about coughdeathcabforcutiecough, but nothing will make me less than ecstatic about the Sunset Rubdown video in which they perform the new song "You Go On Ahead".

My feelings for Spencer Krug are drifting gently into scary-fangirl-knitting-you-a-pair-of-mittens territory so I will keep my remarks brief.

I love it.


'stina said...

When the Krug says "virgins" it makes me feel funny in my front.

Also, i caught your cough/stab at deathcab. I'd rather have "cutie" in my band name than "the painfully alone." Just throwin' it out there, man.

Megan Elizabeth said...

Seriously, you're still on this?

Wasn't it enough to try and trick me into thinking Owen Ashworth literally had no penis? I know what we're listening to on the drive to ballet today...