Friday, June 27, 2008

like a teenager in town

Confession time: I know Wolf Parade's new album came out like last week or the week before or something (I am losing track of time because I am mostly unemployed) but back in May I heard that a certain Paul Peterson had gotten a hold of it early. Once I knew that somebody else had it, and that somebody else was Paul Peterson, I could not rest until I had illegally downloaded it early (I pre-ordered a hard copy too, okay, GET OFF MY BACK). So I've had extra time to think about At Mount Zoomer and yet the most intelligent thing I can say about it has to do with my favorite song, "California Dreamer". Behold, Wolf Parade live:

Please note the Krug's Brett Michaels-esque bandana and at 2:22 I believe his Krugly knee is revealed. He appears to be wearing shants (not shorts not pants). Fetch me my smelling salts!

I'm really digging how the instruments in this song sound like the Doors and then suddenly instead of Jim Morrison's low, booming voice you get Spencer Krug's je ne sais quoi. Incongruous yet apt, I say, and a testament to his stature as a songwriter and performer that the comparison doesn't fall flat or make him look like an ass. It stands, both ironic and true as well as really fun to listen to at top volume in the car with the windows down, yesssss. This song is the reason I can't sit and listen to that album all the way through because it keeps ending up on repeat. True story.


'stina said...

Stop posting so much. You're making me look bad. I already can't remember the last time I showered. I DON'T NEED THIS SHIT.

Yeah, those are definitely shants. Not Bermuda shorts because they are tapered.

Maybe we should bedazzle him a bandanna instead of knitting him mittens?

Megan Elizabeth said...

dude, I work two days a week. I'm practically unemployed. Gots to do something.

ps I JUST BOUGHT MY TICKET!!!!i'msoexcitedican'tbreathe.

pps I was thinking about hand stitching him some monogrammed handkerchiefs, 'cuz you know, why not?