Friday, June 20, 2008

dammit girl.

hello, pony girls and boys... beatrix here... i'm here to contribute to the video of the week thing 'stina and megan have going on... mine is by MGMT and it's called "electric feel"... this song has been my JAM for like... 6 months now... I'll actually drive for a good half hour in my car with this song on repeat... it has all the appeal of prince's "i want to be your lover", but they look like the Lost Boys in Hook and apparently they stole the bears from that weird thing at disneyland... enjoy!

check out the video here


p.s. - my wikipedia search of "Lost Boys" also showed me a graphic novel called "Lost Girls" which is a sexually explicit book about alice in wonderland, wendy from peter pan and dorothy from oz who all meet up as adults in 1913 to talk about their sexual escapades as children... Why do i secretly want to read this book?

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Megan Elizabeth said...

That book sounds super hot. It reminds me, when I googled "pony girl club" a shit ton of bondage sites showed up. I like the idea that people might accidentally find our blog when they're looking for girls in saddle gear being "ridden".