Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey you know what is really difficult?

Typing with a charred left index finger. Never try to manhandle a flat iron. Intentionally or otherwise.

With that out of the way, I am Christina. Or sometimes 'stina. It depends on how lazy I am feeling. One time, many moons ago, I took journalism 101 and somehow years later found myself in the editor in chief chair at a dumpy seaside community college. I'm a music major and kind of a jerk. I like dark, bitter beers and doing bad Morrissey impressions during the drive to ballet class. I am offensive, lewd and for the most part pretty mirthless. OH just kidding (about that mirthless part)! I love jokes.

Speaking of other stuff I love, my video of the week is Thee More Shallows' "Fly Paper."

In case you are incorrigibly stupid their name above is a link to their myspace. Two of my favorite songs on their 'space include "Night at the Knight School" and "The Dutch Fist."

These dudes hail from 'frisco and I think they should get way more attention than they do. If they don't want more attention I think someone should at least send them one of those Edible Arrangement things. You know, these:

They manage to pull off some pretty amazing things live, whilst maintaining the integrity of their songs AND Their albums are also free of any RIAA affiliation! Even better reason to buy them!

Maybe next week I will try to find a video with really foxy dudes in it or something. Mostly I will be trying not to post Peter Gabriel videos.


p.s. Megan only thinks the Che smells like ass 'cause she was the one ripping it.

p.p.s. Seriously though, could you guys please shower?

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Megan Elizabeth said...

oh WHATEVER. It is really hard to hold in one's flatulence when one happens to fart fruit baskets.