Thursday, June 19, 2008


'sup y'all. My video of the day is the Brunettes "B-A-B-Y" because if we were at a slumber party I would most definitely shake my pom-poms at you and give you a basket full of puppies.

Anyway, my name is Megan Elizabeth and I think I'm an authority on music because I know how to work a record player, a tape deck, a cd player, an ipod, a guitar and a couple of drums. And because I figured out how to set up a blog. Bloggers are always right.

So yeah, I'm pretty much an expert and you should take everything I say to heart. Plus I was in a band for a while. We played at several house parties that weren't even all at my house in addition to a gig at the Che Cafe. For those of you who don't know, the Che Cafe is a very prestigious vegan venue on the UCSD campus that always smells like 8 kinds of B.O. and 6 kinds of ass but generally has some great music going on and I was super stoked to play there.

I haven't been involved in any musical projects for the last couple of years because I've been pretty busy being a comp lit geek and lurking in your libraries. Not that I don't still spend an uncontrollable amount of time and money on music... I definitely do. I want to make The Pony Girl Club a place where I can share what I find.


beatrix dynamite said...

b-a-b-y... I like this a lot...

'stina said...

...but would you shake a basket of puppies at me?