Tuesday, October 7, 2008

They're having a FIRE SALE?!

It's that time again. You know, that time where EVERYTHING IN CALIFORNIA CATCHES ON FUCKING FIRE. I swear to all of your pagan gods I am milking this evacuation shit as long as I can this year, I spent too much time calming other people down last year. When I stumbled out to my car shoeless, yet clad in head to toe black non-breathing fabrics, this morning to go to work I noticed it was HOTTER THAN FUCKING AFRICA, not to mention DRIER THAN JOAN RIVERS' VAGINA. Ugh, I hate Santa Ana weather so much, especially after having a few days of rain. Anyways, my sister and I saw this entire hill on fire pretty close to our house, so I raise my metaphorical glass to the beginning of hell week.

Firestorm 2008 playlist thus far:

The Bowie song is kind of inappropriate, sure, but I just really like that montage of GIANT KITTIES! AWWWWW!



jenni said...

regarding the third video: if i wanted to see sweaty dudes in robes i could just look out the window into my neighbors' apartments. in response to my displeasure with that video i will now try to come up with a firestorm 2008 playlist that will rival yours. maybe i can have a feature on here or something and start riding your coattails for realz.

'stina said...

doesn't count if you actually try, cause I didn't.

jenni said...

you said thus far so i assumed there would be a future post with more.

megan elizabeth said...


'stina said...

@ Jenni


@ Megan

Gonna set yo cat on fire with my love, girl.

megan elizabeth said...

Girl, I'll clean out your cabbage patch.