Thursday, October 23, 2008

I cut in line, I bled to death

So, Megan just told me the atheists are having a bake sale in the quad at her school. She also told me that Inspired Flight is playing at UCSD's new performance space/cafe (sound familiar?), The Loft tonight.

Inspired Flight is a duo made up of some dude we don't know and this guy Gabe (known to the music world and the internet as Chavez) that Megan used to sling pizza with back in the day. He's also in Mechanical Cats, Jack the Original, Metrofique and probably 900 other bands. Cool dude.

If you're not doing anything and are into getting lost on a university campus like we are, hit that shit up.

In other news, Jawbreaker is trying again to remaster "Unfun," last weekend they got flutters in their tapes. Good job guys. Actually it's just Adam. Blake is in NYC defending his thesis. Hot. If you don't feel compelled to buy it yet, it features "the 7" mix of Busy and alternate mixes of Want and Fine Day." Adam also retracted his previous statement that "Unfun" would be first available through Hot Topic. That made me want to buy it. Siiiiiike. I'm not buying it anyways because I think it's stupid. Not nearly as stupid as when Billy Corgan decided to release four different versions of Zeitgeist, all of which sucked, but still stupid. You can't pander to me this time! I was actually thinking about buying Suckgeist until I found out about the capitalist wool Corgan was trying to pull over our collective eyes (it was probably Courtney Love's idea). So, I stole it from the internet with smug satisfaction before deleting it because it was making my hard drive suck. As Mattcarr says, you should have quit while you were ahead, Corgan. At Machina.

Welp, time to go bathe this week. I have a feeling The Loft isn't like the Che and people might notice if I don't shower.



mattcarr said...

Bullshit Christina! I called shenanigans! After Machina II... But, I like Zwan so shoot me.

mattcarr said...