Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'll meet you where the river forks...shit, I'd meet you in a pit of fucking snakes

There are very few Sunset Rubdown songs (when I say "Sunset Rubdown" I also mean the piss-poor quality solo recordings) I don't have. When I say that, I mean there are like two. That I know of. It's kind of creepy that I have the last few years of Spencer Krug's activity chronicled in my pocket anyways, but it's cool you guys. No big deal.

Rationalization aside, I was trying to figure out those god-forsaken myspace playlist things and found some old-ass songs the Krug probably recorded in the basement of his apartment building (do they even have apartments in Canada, or just huts?) that I imagine is smack-dab in the middle of a town square that looks like that village in Beauty and the Beast. One is called "It Wouldn't Let Them Down" and the other is called "Give Up On Your Ghost." The former is more standard noisy Krug shit involving a guitar and an accordion, while the latter sounds more like David Bowie in Labyrinth and Danny Elfman picked up a player piano and simultaneously Being John Malkovich-ed our Tiger Beat centerfold.

Awwww, look at that guy! It's like one of those pictures of a smiling kitten:

God, I love kitties. In case you didn't catch that link above, THIS was the only place I could find those songs. Seriously, I tried. I might have to e-mail the dudes over at Snakes Got A Blog, 'cause I know they got 'em. One of the places I tried was the Sunset Rubdown threads over at the Wolf Parade forums, to no avail, obvs. but I did find videos people were posting from the shows on the EAST COAST TOUR they recently got to go to. There were a few videos of new songs but apparently Jordan (not the Deep Sleepover dude, he's too busy making good music) asked the youtubers to take them down. Bummer. What are we supposed to do? Y'all don't tour here (or anywhere near the West Coast), so we're supposed to pretend it's not 2008, act like we don't have technology to pry into shit and just sit on our hands 'till the new record comes out? Yes, that would be polite but GODDAMMIT.

I need to go file my talons into points now, so here's a video from two couple days ago, filmed AT A SHOW WE COULDN'T GO TO BECAUSE IT WAS ACROSS THE DAMN COUNTRY AND OUR ECONOMY IS SHITTY AND WE'RE STUDENTS THAT DON'T MAKE ANY MONEY. It's one of our favorite songs, "Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings:"



megan elizabeth said...

Don't worry Stina. When our economy finishes collapsing and America becomes a primitive, feudal land ruled by whoever shouts the loudest we can steal my dad's old hang glider and harness the power of the wind to travel to Canada and live out the rest of our days stalking foxy Canadian musicians.

Or maybe they'll come to California when it's not fire season. I've talked about this. Nobody wants to go on tour when the area they're touring in is on fucking fire or about to be.

'stina said...

Last night you said Canada is like America's backpack and they will sink too. Or, as Mattcarr says, as soon as the banks shut down and the dollar no longer has value, every single building will collapse and we will have to wade through rivers of fire and rubble to move to Mexico since there will be no electricity left in America. There's always Rio de Janeiro.

megan elizabeth said...

Today I'm thinking Canada might be more like America's fanny pack, whatever that means.